About Us

Hi there!                                         


My name is Seul and I have a sweet little baby named Liam.

My baby world is a dream come true, I always wanted to be a business woman, but I didn’t know how, where or what could I do, until the day I held for the first time my baby boy, I looked at him and I felt that need of have everything he needed to feel loved.

Month after month I saw my baby boy getting bigger, smarter and I started to dig more and more into this wonderful world. Looking for the best product for him, his first plate, his first spoon, everything he needed.

This is a store where you can find everything you need for the first years of life of your little one. I offer just high quality products and affordable.

As a first time mom, I know how overwhelming can be to search for the best product, so let me help.

I hope you love this store as much as I do.